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My Amazon Review: SJWs Always Lie by Vox Day

Reading this book, I came to understand how many organizations in my life have been run by SJWs. Also, unfortunately, that I had come under attack by SJWs in the past and fell for their tactics, culminating in a union rep convincing me to resign instead of being fired when I was 22.

I didn’t know how many SJWs were in my life until I read this book, The information can be applied on both the micro and macro levels, and I wish it had been written 20 years ago.

Buy SJWs Always Lie

Things We Know but Don’t Really Know

I had a strange moment today. It was something we all know mentally, but not intellectually: I realized that aside from family and friends, no one really cares about me. The whole world isn’t paying attention to me. My whole life, I’ve been selfishly thinking that I’m important to everyone, as though they’re not running around with their own bit of crazy.

I then went outside to have a cigarette, and there was a bee eating a flower. I suddenly understood that the bee was eating the flower because it tasted good; it wasn’t some cosmically predetermined thing.

It was the sort of freeing moment that I rarely experience. I need to remember it.

Friday Night Music: Sweetwater

The most unexpected gift of recovery has been that I am no longer afraid of who I am. It’s why I write under my own name.

One day I was driving around on deliveries and listening to music, and I had a strange new thought: I liked this guy. I was okay with this guy. There are things in my past weren’t my finest hour, but I could face God and own them.

I have a sickness that is as deadly as any cancer. I’ve known a number of people who have succumbed to it. And it’s something my mind tells me I want to have.

And today, and for a number of days before today, I beat it.

 I won.

Today I understand gratitude. Today fear slipped away just a little more.