Nightmare at Teen Torture Camp

The beauty of being a delivery driver is that I have a lot of downtime in which to run down Internet rabbit holes. While sitting at a restaurant the other night, I ran across an informational/advocacy site on WWASP behavioral modification schools.
I’ll leave an excerpt here from someone named Angelique, with the recommendation that you read the whole site.

The worst incident I experienced in Utah began was when I was put face-first against a wall for over ten hours and then told to stand on my tip-toes to reach a dot taped to the wall with my nose. The verbal taunting, enjoyment of this staff member, and the aggravation of not being able to do anything but stare at a wall led me to turn the corner and there I had two men that grabbed me and threw me in the isolation room again. This time they jumped me, put me in a painful police like lock position with my arms behind my back while they bashed my head into the floor causing significant and a large visible facial laceration.

When I was a teenager in the mid 90s, I had heard some third-hand accounts of “Provo Canyon.” Jello Biafra even tells a story about someone he knew being kidnapped from a BART train and brought there. It’s no secret that places like this exist, but I had forgotten about them.

Furthermore, I didn’t know that there are American schools located in third world countries that offer the same sort of “education” far from the eyes of American authorities and American law. 

I’ll write more about this as time goes on, because I find it fascinating and more than a bit disturbing. Until then, read more in the site I linked and look into some of what is still happening. This particular corporation may be in its death throes, but the concept appears to be very much alive.


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