Love in the Service Industry

According to legend, Raymond Carver would write the raw form of a story in one sitting. This was due to a dark vision he had that he would always have to work odd jobs, so he had to write when he wasn’t performing paying work.

This blog is founded on a similar principle: as an independent delivery driver I have decided that it’s wise to integrate my work into my lifestyle, and to use the considerable amount of downtime I have to create a body of work. Unlike Carver, I have a smartphone, so much of the logistical difficulty isn’t a problem.

Thus, most of the posts on I Do This Because I Love You are written in less than ten minutes. So far the blog is fairly new, so there may not seem to be much of a flow as far as the content is concerned, but those who stick around will see a pattern emerge.

For amplification on the idea, see Animus Empire’s post The Bum Rape Fallacy.


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