Three’s a Crowd

I’ve never had a threesome. It’s just never happened, and at 38 it probably won’t. The simple fact is that even when I was partying, the situation never arose and that’s likely just how it’s going to be.

The topic came up in a conversation with my girlfriend today, and she seemed to feel sorry for me – like I deserved it or something. We’re both fairly attractive people, and I suppose that if it was a priority or the fulfillment of some lifelong dream we could arrange it. At this stage, though, I just have no real desire to walk on the wild side, or even the slightly crazy side most of the time.

There seems to be a list of boxes that people need to check off in order to look back and say that they have lived a full life. It doesn’t matter that the truth of the situation was extremely awkward and extremely drunk, and that the parties involved all felt very uncomfortable the next morning. 

And if two of those people are in a relationship? Very little good can come of that.

The past, with all its laughter and tragedy, is the past. I had some good times and some misery, but at this point my ego is doing fine and it seems unwise to look for a momentary and artificial boost.

But if I was 21 and single again? I’d do it in a heartbeat.


One thought on “Three’s a Crowd

  1. The noise I made wasn’t an expression of feeling sorry for you, but an expression of how I feel about your gentle nature. That you would never be so imposing as to risk the goodness of a relationship or friendship for the sake of a fleeting and (As you said) likely awkward notch speaks to the caliber of person you are. I appreciate you and care for you deeply. Your life is fascinating to me and I like learning about and caring for past you as much as present and hopefully future you for years to come. ❤️


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