The Suicidal Race

So here’s a hypothetical: you’re a member of a tiny and very successful minority group. The majority is mostly indifferent to your existence; some are even highly supportive. There are a few people that harbor a weird prejudice against your group, but they’re both ineffectual and nonviolent.

Now, members of an even smaller minority group who want to kill you and have shown a willingness to do so over and over and over again are trying to get into the country, and the president has taken (nonviolent) measures to limit that group’s presence in the country.

It’s obvious what you would do in that situation.

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and actress Mayim Bialik said they would register as Muslims if President Donald Trump creates a registry of Muslim Americans.


Activists cheered the ruling outside the Brooklyn courthouse where the judge signed the injunction, and at John F. Kennedy International Airport, where a crowd had been swelling all day, waving signs proclaiming “Never again.” “They’re doing to Muslims like they did to us,” said Callan Hetchison, who carried a placard with a yellow star on one side, speaking hours before the injunction was announced.

I mean, you’re not crazy, right?

“The fact that President Trump’s order appears designed to specifically limit the entry of Muslims evokes horrible memories among American Jews of the shameful period leading up to World War II, when the United States failed to provide a safe haven for the vast majority of Jews in Europe trying to escape Nazi persecution,” the progressive pro-Israel group J Street said in a statement Friday. 

Guys: I grew up in L.A. It’s not just a cliche when I say that some of my best friends are Jewish. I could live without the kebab stand, but I don’t know what I’d do without Sunday lunch at Brent’s. Please cut this shit out. You don’t look noble. They won’t appreciate it.

For the love of G-d, let it go.


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