Democrats Boycott Vote; Fail

I guess they haven’t learned anything since Hillary.



5 thoughts on “Democrats Boycott Vote; Fail

    • I’m not sure how this blog is going to shape itself yet. I prefer doing the short personal writings on recovery, but at the same time I have always been into politics and culture.

      Part of the problem is that it’s just easier to crank out posts in politics, because there are so many people talking about it. (This is also a drawback, as it makes finding one’s voice more difficult.)

      Thanks for following and commenting either way. I do appreciate it.

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      • So what I do, make features. I have different sections of my blog because there are different sections to me. I have My Big Book Musings, where I discuss big book passages, I have Poets Speak, which are poetry recordings. I have My Recovery, obvious. I have Poets of Instagram. Etc. That way you don’t limit yourself and readers can find what they like. Hope that helps


      • Thanks. It does. I think that over time any project creates its own rhythm, but at the beginning even the creator might not know what that is. It’s the line from Ulysses, “I contain multitudes.”

        Man, that was pretentious. 😆

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